It seems that our establishment in 2019 was just yesterday,

but the tme has passed by quickly as much as the changing world. We settled at Dhaka Industrial complex upon completion of a new factory.
The reasons for such rapid growth of our SMART STOVE Company, which is a manufacturer of stainless kitchen supply for businesses, were the result of all employees guiding the entire operation with one heart and purpose to get the attention from buyers such as the cut down of costs, diversification of items and possessing the mass production system.
We have seen many cases where foreign buyers put their priority as the reliability of the company and negotiating various details such as other expenses or product quality only after the reliability has been verified. so we are establishing and practicing clean and clear management as the priority of management policy.
We will always make our best effort to become a competitive company, which raises the status of Korean exports in the world of unlimited competition.

We strongly believe that our dedication, innovativeness & professionalism will be able to protect the interest of the stakeholders, to ensure the total satisfaction of the consumers and to reduce poverty from the country and therefore IMPROVING LIVELIHOOD for all.

Our efforts are going to continue, our speed cannot be stopped & we will continue to go on.
Thank you very much.

Muhammad Nurul Huda
Founder & CEO

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